MNCs fined for dual MRP

The department of Legal Metrology in the valley booked number of manufactures/packers/importers for printing dual MRP’s on the same product containing the same net quantity meant for same city/district/state.

Dr. Shabir Ahmad Mir Assistant Controller, Legal Metrology fined Rs 70,000/on Jai Beverages Pvt Ltd  as the cold-drink products  namely 250 ml tin of Dew brand, Miranda cold-drink, Pepsi-tin marketed by it at the airport Srinagar carried the exaggerated MRP than the open market.

The MRP printed on 250 ml dew tin available at vendours at Srinagar airport was Rs 60/= whereas the same tin carries the MRP of Rs 30/= in the open market. Similar was the case of other cold-drinks/soft drinks and mineral water. The vendors at airport were strictly directed not to sell such products at their premises. Two other MNCs have been served notices and are waiting for their response. Moreover, three local packers were also penalized for such offence and a penal sum of Rs 21,000/= was slapped on them.

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