Hurriyat (M) condemns targeting of students

Strongly condemning the use of brutal force and teargas shelling by the government forces on the protesting students in Srinagar and Pulwama, a spokesman of Hurriyat Conference (M) said that the students were protesting against the atrocities committed and arrest of their fellow students and were demanding their release.

“The use of violence and suppressing their genuine demands by brutal force is against all democratic values and established norms of a civilized society,” the spokesman added.

He said that suppressing and muzzling any voice of decent by the government has become a norm in Kashmir.

“Jammu and Kashmir has practically been converted into a police state and it is actually the Army and government forces which run the roost in Kashmir. The spokesman said that any amount of brutality or coercion, however, can’t make the people of Kashmir to give up their just struggle,” the spokesman added.

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