Social networking sites, a platform for Srinagar girl to help needy children

Aiming to provide assistance to the unprivileged children, a girl from Srinagar has hopped to the social networking sites since 2016 unrest keeping in view the loss suffered by the people especially the transporters.

The girl from Zakura area of Srinagar who has completed her masters in South Asian Studies from University of Kashmir has used Facebook besides other social sites as a tool to help the needy people.

The loss suffered by the people especially the transporters, the worst affected community during 2016 unrest has propelled Nida Rehman to take this initiative.

“I realized that the children of transporters were in need of the help as the businesses of their parents had got affected due to the Valley wide strikes for over five months,” Nida told ‘Kashmir Vision’.

“I accessed social media sites like Facebook, which helped to remain connected to the heterogeneous audiences who helped me to complete this initiative,” she said, adding that many of them distributed stationery like pens, copies, bags, books and other items.

“We also visited many areas in the old city and other places and distributed the stationary to the children of the transporter community,” Nida added.           

Nida said that the initiative was quite challengeable for her to decide the strategy of providing help to the children.

However, the 27 year old girl assumed that the better way to assist them would be distributing free stationeries to them.

The initiative according to Nida was taken to provide the unprivileged children an assistance to continue their education.

Nida usually remains clinched to Facebook, uploading posts requesting people to extend their support in helping these children.

“The number of netizens share my posts and extend their support to become the part of this initiative,” Nida said while refuting her links with any political party or NGO.

“The program, I have started is called GAASH, which means light-is an initiative by IITIFAAQ (Unity),” she added.

Nida who has a passion for the social work said, “providing assistance to the children came to my mind after I saw the poor condition of the people during my visit for an assignment related to my master’s program following the 2014 deluge. I also launched my first online campaign for their help.”

Nida said that under the GAASH program, she has distributed study material among 800 poor students so far.

Meanwhile, Nida is going to organize a blood donation camp in Kashmir University in the coming days.

“I am organizing the camp in the collaboration with SMHS and Dean Students Welfare department, Kashmir University,” she added. 

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