Stop shedding crocodile tears on killings, Rasheed advises pol parties, media

Incumbent Langate lawmaker Er Rasheed Tuesday said that every killing is a wakeup call for all the concerned quarters to understand the urgency of resolution of Kashmir dispute.

Rasheed asked leaders of various political parties, Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, Omer Abdullah and Indian Media not to shed “crocodile tears” over killings of five policemen and two bank employees in Kulgam and death of soldiers at LoC.

“No Kashmiri or any saner human being would ever feel happy at the killings of human beings, whosoever it may be, but it is the state which has been very often celebrating the death of militants, as if they are responsible for all evils on the earth,” Rasheed said in a statement issued here.

Rasheed said “Kashmiris don’t need to cry or get sermons from Indian media to express condolences on death of anyone including policemen, as whosoever loses his life in Kashmir is a loss to Kashmiris and humanity. Any Kashmiri of any political ideology would always feel the pain when a police cop gets killed as Kashmir belongs to every Kashmiri whosoever resides here. But it is New Delhi which has pitched not only Kashmiri politicians but cops and militants against each other, as fighting militancy is by no way the primary task of police force.”

“Kashmiris can’t forget the huge sacrifices of Ali Mohammad Dar alias Burhan Din Hijazi, Mohammad Afzal Malik alias Mamoon Rasheed and Reyaz Ahmad who along with dozens of their colleagues sacrificed their lives for resolution of Kashmir cause despite working in the police force,” Rashhed said adding “the pain of mothers receiving coffins including that of a militant, an army soldier, a policeman or a common man can never be divided, but the state has always the huge responsibility to ensure peace by resolving conflicts.”

“Unless New Delhi shun its idiotic and unacceptable hostile attitude towards Pakistan and Kashmiris and shows a commitment to resolve Kashmir dispute, New Delhi will be held directly responsible for every killing including that of soldiers,” Rasheed said.

New Delhi will have to come out of trap of a media driven foreign, internal and defence policy, he added.

Rasheed appealed political parties not to score points over each other and keep Kashmir dispute out of politics and if they sincerely develop a consensuses it would be biggest service to the people of the subcontinent.

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