Nation first is not BJP’s policy: Congress leader

Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Monga said that BJP’s policy has always been to get the party on top and its slogan of ‘nation first’ holds no water.

“Nation first was never BJP’s Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress (JKPCC) Vice President and MLC Monga said. He said that the Saffron Party is only concerned about its vote bank and own constituency.

“The reality is that for BJP it is not nation first but BJP first. BJP is only and only concerned about its own constituency and vote bank. They are trying to take political mileage by keeping the situation in Kashmir on boil.”

On BJP stand that it will not hold any dialogue on Kashmir, the Congress leader said, “Such an approach will only increase further anger and alienation. It could also take the situation to the point of no return besides hampering the activities of mainstream parties.”

“The BJP’s policy is a worrying factor for all right thinking people of the country as there is no alternative to dialogue. The prevailing situation in Kashmir is extremely dangerous as from students to traders everybody is on roads. You can’t turn blind eye towards such a grave situation in Kashmir. Government of India’s stand to shy away from dialogue process could have dangerous ramifications,” he warned.


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