IGNOU Centre proves a nightmare for students

The students enrolled under the IGNOU programmes have alleged lack of basic facilities at the study centres.

Students who have been allotted Amar Singh College in Srinagar as their study centre say that are forced to study outside the class rooms, as no room is allotted to several study programs.

“The irony is IGNOU is paying the college for accommodating the students and still we are forced to study outside,” alleged a student.

While talking a note of the incident, one of the IGNOU students studying at Amar Singh college- Shah Aadil said that we have been forced to study in open ground inspite of the fact that the college has a huge campus comprising of hundreds of class rooms.

“This is quite disgusting. How can the management do that? We are here to study not to roam around in the campus.  When I saw the notice board it said sessions will be at “Varranda”.  How can the students study on “Varranda”, isn’t this irony. The center management is playing with the future of the students. This is the high time to think what type of education and facilities we are providing to the students,” Aadil addded.

“The regional Center of the IGNOU should take a serious note of the non-availability of class rooms for the students and orders to allot classes to the students of the center should be issued immediately,” Shahnaz, another student said.

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