Four hunters arrested with weapons

A team of Wildlife Department and Forest Protection Force today arrested four hunters during a raid in Kana Chargal area and seized their guns, alongwith live and used cartridges and killed birds.

Regional Wildlife Warden Jammu Dr. V.S Senthil Kumar, informed that the operation was headed by Amit Sharma and  teams conducted checks in  Kana Chargal, Sondhi, Doon & Pachori during the wee hours and arrested  four persons  involved in hunting of dove which is schedule-IV species as per J&K Wildlife Protection Act 1978 (amended upto 2002).

He also informed that as per the section 8 of J&K Wildlife Protection Act 1978 (amended upto 2002), no person shall hunt any wild animal specified in the schedule I,II,III,& IV and the penalties have been mentioned in section 51 which says that the person shall be guilty of an offences against these act and shall on conviction be punished for an imprisonment which may extent to three years and fine which may extent to Rs. 25,000/- but shall not be less than Rs. 10,000/-  and as per section  53D  all offences under J&K Wildlife Protection Act 1978 (amended upto 2002) other then  compoundable shall be non bailable and nothing in section 497A of code of criminal procedure shall apply to the offences under this Act.

He has appealed the   people to desist from such offences and said that Wildlife Conservation is of paramount importance in ecological balance.Pr. Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) / Chief Wildlife Warden Suresh Chugh said that strict monitoring is being done by the department to curb such activities. He also said that Wildlife is a part and parcel of eco-system which needs to be protected and it is duty of all citizens to conserve Wildlife.  


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