Agenda of Alliance has solutions plaguing the state: Mehboob Beg

Declaring Agenda of Alliance (AoA) as pivotal and a broadly accepted document that incorporates solutions to all the issues plaguing the state, People’s Democratic Party (PDP) chief spokesperson, Dr Mehboob Beg, on Sunday, said that the AoA will go a long way.

Beg said, “Agenda of Alliance was painstakingly arrived after taking into account the concerns of all stakeholders. The document was a revolutionary step as it was for the first time that the terms of alliance where made public unlike our opposition, who traded the special interests of our state for power.”

“Our endeavour is to see that AoA is implemented in letter and spirit in our tenure, as it is an intensely thought over document for the overall socio-economic development of the state.”

Criticizing National Conference leader, Farooq Abdullah, for betraying the trust of people time and again, Beg said he had got a massive mandate in 1996 and therefore, was in a position to leverage and bargain better for the interests of the state. Unfortunately, he chose not to as his sole aim all along has been to enjoy the perks of power.”

Questioning the political acumen of Farooq Abdullah, Begh said that he comes across as an utterly confused leader from his utterances following his pro-Hurriyat statements.

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