Thousands converge at Hazratbal to observe Mehraj-ul-Alam

Thousands of devotees converged at the revered Hazratbal shrine here on the Friday following of Mehraj-ul-Alam. The devotees who had turned up in large numbers waited to have a glimpse of the Holy relic of the last Prophet, Muhammad (PBUH).

While Mehraj-ul-Alam, the night of ascent when the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) ascended to the highest levels of Heavens, was Tuesday observed with religious fervor across the state, devotees in the Valley also observe Friday following with religious reverence, devotion and fervor.

Every year, the Mehraj-ul-Alam is being observed on 27th of Rajab (Islamic calendar), the night the Holy Prophet (SAW) embarked on a special journey to meet Allah Almighty, crossing seven skies riding the heavenly ‘al-Buraq’.

While religious congregations were held at different shrines across the Valley, the main gathering was held at Hazratbal shrine here that houses the Holy relic (hair strand) of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

The holy relic was today displayed after each prayer at the shrine, while as the religious heads threw light on the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) during the Friday sermon.

The congregational Friday prayers at Hazratbal shrine were joined by thousands of devotees that included children and women to catch the glimpse of the Holy relic of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

The shrine, since Friday morning witnessed a huge rush of devotees from across the Valley.

Authorities had made special arrangements to facilitate movement of devotees to the shrine. Hundreds of private and SRTC vehicles ferried the devotees.

Sources said that besides transport, arrangements of power, drinking water, medical aid camps and sanitation were made for the convenience of people.

To cater to the heavy rush of devotees at the shrine, the traffic police had issued a route plan for traffic movement leading to the Hazratbal shrine. They had requested devotees to abide by the route plan.

Reports said that the congregational prayers were also held at Jenab Sahib Soura, Asar-i-Sharief Shehri Kalashpora, Ka’aba Marg, Asar-i-Sharief, Baramulla, Aham Sharief, Bandipora and other shrines and Masjids.

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