Mirwaiz condemns anti-Kashmir, anti-Muslim approach of Govt

Expressing his strong reaction to the anti-Kashmir policies of the state rulers chairman Hurriyat Conference (M) Mirwaiz Umar Farooq has said that a war has been waged at all level against the unarmed people of Kashmir and the way atrocities are being committed on the people depict the worst form of state terrorism.

Mirwaiz who had been released last evening after 50 days spell of house arrest, as per the programme, addressed a huge congregation of devotees at historical Aali Masjid Eidgah Srinagar immediately after Nimaz-e-Maghrib in which he threw light on the event and the philosophy of the Meh’raj-e-Rasool (PBUH).

During his address Mirwaiz also spoke on the present turbulent situation in Kashmir and said that uncertainty at all levels is prevailing here, repression and suppression is at the peak.

“Be it cities, towns and rural areas, a war has been started against the population. Rampant use of tear gas shelling, pellet shelling and bullets against the youth has become a routine in Kashmir. Our political, religious and social rights have been curbed by force and I personally was not allowed to offer Friday prayer for the last eight consecutive Fridays,’ he said.

Strongly condemning this anti-Kashmir and anti-Muslim approach of the government, Mirwaiz termed it as completely dictatorial and autocratic. He said blanket ban has been imposed on public rallies, seminars and political gatherings and questioned in spite of all this how these rulers are still talking of democratic values.

Denouncing the use of brutal force on students by the government forces, Mirwaiz appealed the International community to take strong notice of the uncertain political situation and grotesque human rights violations in Kashmir.

Congratulating the Muslims all over the world and particularly the Muslims of Kashmir, Mirwaiz while throwing light on the event of Mehraj-e-Alam (SAW) said during this night 1440 years ago Prophet Muhammad (SAW) took the journey from Masjid Harm to Masjid Aqsa and from there to Maqam-e-Qabakousen. He said this journey is also referred as Isra or Mehraj.

He said this event instigated the element of quest for knowledge and research in the world which gave the mankind courage to reach to the stars, moon and outer space. He said that for the thinking minds and alert brains there are so many messages hidden in this event.

Mirwaiz said that Mehraj is a practical miracle of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) which would be remembered till the Day of Judgment.

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