Commuters in Palpora-Kukroosa fight dilapidated roads

Dilapidated roads from Palpora to Kukroosa village of north Kashmir’s Kupwara district continued to irk commuters and the pedestrians as the authorities have failed to macadamize the roads despite assurances.

Inhabitants living in the areas as well the commuter passing through the roads here have demanded immediate redressal of their genuine grievances.

Locals said that the roads in their areas have been macadamized several times but soon after it was macadamized, roads developed potholes. However, the locals said that the officials didn’t pay heed over it thereby leaving the commuters as well as the pedestrians to suffer.

They alleged that the officials failed to check the quality of material used in road repairing, saying, “We time and again urged officials to ensure the utilization of quality material by contractor in road repairing.”

“However, the substandard construction material was used by the contractor under the supervision of officials that resulted in various potholes and cracks on the Road at many points,” said Aijaz Ahmad a resident of Kukroosa.

He said that while the government has macadamized the roads in the district, at the same time administration has neglected their areas thereby leaves them to lurch at large.

“We time and again urged officials to ensure the repair of roads and utilization of quality material by contractor in road macadamization, but they least bothered to repair the roads.” they said.

“At least six villages are connected by this road. Due to pathetic condition of the road, students, employees and also patients face immense hardships to reach their respective destinations,” they said.

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