Oppression, tortures cannot force Kashmiri’s into submission: Yasin Malik

Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik Sunday condemned the killing of a youth Sajad Hussain Sheikh at Batamaloo and ‘mass beatings and torture’ of students at Pulwama College in which more than five dozen students have sustained injuries.

In a statement issued here, Malik said, “Growing state sponsored terrorism of Indian forces, Army, SOG and police of which various video evidences are viral on social media are actually a manifestation of the growing frustration of the rulers and their forces who want to expunge their embarrassment of defeat in recent election by killing, beating, torturing, humiliating and oppressing innocent, unarmed boys, girls and other people.”

Terming the killing of yet another innocent budding flower Sajad Hussain Sheikh at Batamaloo as ‘cold blooded murder’, JKLF chairman said, “BSF came, fired without any provocation and killed this human in cold blood with impunity and immediately the rulers, Indian biased media and police started sharing lies of stone pelting to justify this cold blooded murder.”

“Prior to this murder in Srinagar, Police, SOG, Indian army and other forces were busy at Pulwama in beating, torturing, shelling and oppressing girl and boy students of degree college,” Malik said.

He said that video clips of torture, beatings and forcing young boys with blood oozing out from their faces and heads to raise desired slogans is actually a testimony of the ‘cowardice’ of Indian rulers and their forces who through fear and terror want to force Kashmiris into submission.

Malik said that the ‘height of shamelessness’ is such that Indian Army, forces and police are on their own releasing videos of their ‘bravado’ of torturing and beating unarmed young boys and captives.

“This is proving the fact that India is fast turning into a fascist state where cowardice is taken as braveness and humanity is getting converted into savagery,” he said.

Chairman JKLF said that ‘cold blooded murder’ of a budding flower at Batamaloo and mass beatings, torture of boy and girl students at Pulwama College and other places are actually practical demonstration of Indian home minister’s plan of changing Kashmir and Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat’s plan to crush Kashmiris by bullets.

“Indian rulers should recollect the inerasable truth of history that killings, oppression and tortures have and can never force any nation into submission,” he said.

He said that if forcing any nation seeking freedom would have been possible then India itself should not have been free from British rule today.

Appealing International community to wake up from its deep slumber on Kashmir, JKLF chairman said that Kashmir is burning and Kashmiris are being killed, tortured, humiliated and suppressed by the biggest democracy and no one seems to bother.

“International should take a serious note of this growing Indian aggression against common masses of Kashmir and fulfil its moral and human obligation because failing to do so will only promote distrust among Kashmiris on international community and hence glorify the use of violence and aggression,” added Malik.

While paying tributes to Sajad Hussain, JKLF chairman expressed solidarity with his bereaved family and also prayed for the speedy recovery of injured students and youth of Pulwama who suffered terrorist attack yesterday.

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