Admin heads asked to give full bio data of employees to GAD

Srinagar: Admitting that many departments furnish incomplete details of their officials for Vigilance clearance, the J&K government on Wednesday ordered administrative heads to give complete bio data of the employees to General Administrative Department (Vigilance) to avoid delay in their regularization.
According to a government circular [No. 16: GAD (Vig) of 2014, dated 12.03.2014], it was impressed upon all the Administrative Secretaries, Heads of the Departments and the Managing Directors of all the Public Service Undertakings (PSUs) in 2011 to furnish complete bio data of the employees to the GAD, Vigilance, while seeking Vigilance clearance.
“However, it has been observed that the departments invariably furnish incomplete details of such officers or officials, as a consequence whereof, the Vigilance clearances get delayed and undue and avoidable hardship is caused to the employees by way of delayed regularizations,” said the government circular.
The circular said it has also been observed that instead of submitting the details of all the officers due for consideration, the requests are being received in piecemeal and in a staggered manner, which also causes delay in the Vigilance clearance.
“It is, therefore, impressed upon all the Administrative Secretaries and Heads of the Departments and the Managing Directors of all the PSUs that information in prescribed format be sent to the GAD, Vigilance in future, while seeking Vigilance clearance,” said the circular.
The details shall include name, parentage, permanent and birth residence, date of posting and postings held with designations including period of deputation, attachment from first appointment.
“Further, these details should be authenticated by the concerned HOD/DDO/Controlling Officer in original, and instead of furnishing the bio data on piecemeal or daily basis, list of employees on consolidated basis should be furnished along with all details to enable the GAD to process these in one go,” said the order.

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