Pandit body slams BJP for ‘opposing’ temple bill

Jammu: Upset over the decision to refer the Temple and Shrines Bill to the joint select committee, a body representing Kashmiri Pandits today said it was unfortunate that even BJP legislators opposed the bill.
“It was unfortunate that even BJP legislators opposed the bill vociferously (when presented for passage in the Assembly),” Chairman of the All Parties Migrants Coordination Committee (APMCC) Vinod Pandit said here today.
“It was clear that certain people who have influence, money and power have once again sidelined Kashmiri Pandits reminding them that only note and votebanks matter for politicians (of BJP),” he said.
“By not passing the Bill, the politicians have clearly indicated that they do not work for the welfare of the common masses and when these common masses are Kashmiri Pandits they are muzzled more,” Pandit said.
Pandit said APMCC would soon issue a white paper on temple encroachments.
The Kashmir Hindu Shrines bill for management protection, administration and governance of Hindu shrines and religious places in the state by J&K government was yesterday referred to the joint select committee after it saw stiff opposition from BJP, Panthers Party and even ruling Congress members when it was presented for passage in the Assembly.

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