‘Rs 4.33 crore spent on repairing govt vehicles’

Jammu:  An amount of Rs  4.33 crore has been incurred as expenditure on repairing  government vehicles from 2010 to 2013.
The information was given by the Minister for Cooperatives, Dr. Manohar Lal Sharma while replying to a question  Mr. Yashpal Sharma in the Legislative Assembly.
The Minister said that State Motor Garages Department being the nodal agency purchases vehicles for State Motor Garage (SMG) and other government departments excluding police, fire and emergency services and mechanical engineering department.
However, some government departments also purchase vehicles on their own on DGS&D Rate Contract, Special Government Prices and from the authorized dealers of the manufactures on lowest rates after ascertaining the reasonability of rates.
The State Motor Garages Department is providing vehicles to the Council of Ministers, State Government functionaries and other district level Officers in terms of Government orders conveyed from time to time.

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