An Outcast in India, Pak History

BY JAWED NAQVI India’s feisty Dalit leader Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar scarcely finds place in our historical consciousness, having been airbrushed from much of the discourse about the freedom movement though he has been assigned the innocuous pedestal of the father of the Indian constitution. Ambedkar has been virtually deleted from the India-Pakistan debate as well […]

Did Pak Need the US, or Vice Versa?

  BY SHAHID JAVED BURKI Pakistan, ever reliant on external financial assistance, faces a very different international situation as the government headed by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif heads towards completing its first year in office. It would be helpful to recall history a little bit in order to understand the external environment in which the […]

Welcome to Wonderland

BY FARHANA QAZI Visiting Kashmir was like slipping down the rabbit hole. Like Alice, who was surprised by talking birds and beasts in Wonderland, I discovered a floating vegetable garden, a palace named after fairies called Pari Mahal, houseboats gliding along Dal Lake, and royal gardens. Kashmir’s untouched beauty captured Western imagination. Known as “the […]

Fallacious ‘Choice’ Argument in GM Crops Issue

BY COLIN TODHUNTER There is currently a battle waging across the planet over genetically modified (GM) crops. It seems like not a month goes by when a new report is released on the health, environmental or productivity aspects of GM organisms. The GM biotech industry tries to assure governments and the public about the safety […]

Entitlement by Privilege of Wealth

BY URVASHI BUTALIA My office is located in an urban village in the heart of Delhi. Originally surrounded by fields where people grew crops, these areas now house apartment blocks and shopping malls. All that’s left of the old village is the cluster of houses in which many of the erstwhile residents live, and where […]

Dealing With Energy-Drainers

BY JUGGUN KAZIM There are times when just about anyone will drain your energy – a friend going through a divorce or a career crisis, or a close relative having marital problems. But then there are others who always leave you feeling low. How do you gauge if someone is an energy drainer or just […]

Playing Russian Roulette in Ukraine

BY MUNIR AKRAM Europe and the United States have successfully encouraged a revolt against Viktor Yanukovych, the inept and corrupt, but elected, Russian-oriented president of Ukraine. A pro-Western interim administration has been installed in the capital Kiev. But, neither the new Ukrainian leaders, nor their Western backers, appear to have a plan for what to […]

Islamic Scholar Who Laments Loss of Pluralism in Arab World

BY ROBERT FISK Tarif Khalidi is a big, bearded bear of a man, the kind you would always choose to play Father Christmas, or perhaps a Cossack leader sweeping across the Russian steppe, reins in one hand, sword in the other. But Tarif – or Uncle Tarif as I invariably call him – is an […]


BY ALI AHMED A new study ‘Nuclear Famine: Two Billion People at Risk?’ conducted by the Nobel Prize-winning International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War along with Physicians for Social Responsibility, says that even a ‘limited’ nuclear war using a 100 weapons would disrupt global climate and agricultural production so severely that the lives of more […]

Mother Tongue

BY JO LATEU Whatever your memories of your school days – and let’s face it, for most of us, they were not ‘the best years of our lives’, whatever our parents claimed – the chances are you were taught in your mother tongue. Or at least, you were if you are a privileged Westerner who […]