UGC’s new biannual enrollment policy a step forward for student flexibility: Er. Ehtisham Khan

SRINAGAR: Er. Ehtisham Khan, a renowned social and student rights activist and Co-founder of The Purpose (Society), has welcomed the University Grants Commission’s (UGC) recent decision to permit biannual enrollment for colleges and universities across India.
“This policy change is seen as a significant step towards increasing flexibility and accessibility in higher education. Under the new policy, institutions can conduct admissions twice a year, alleviating the pressure of a single admission cycle and offering multiple entry points for prospective students. This progressive change is designed to cater to the diverse needs of students, particularly those from varied geographical and socio-economic backgrounds, thus fostering a more inclusive educational environment,” Er Khan said in a statement issued here.
Er. Ehtisham remarked, “The UGC’s decision to introduce biannual enrollment cycles is a significant move toward democratizing higher education in India. This policy will provide students with additional opportunities to pursue their academic ambitions without losing precious time. It is a testament to our commitment to making education more accessible and equitable.”
Khan said, “This progressive step by UGC will democratize higher education in India. By offering two admission cycles, students who miss traditional deadlines now have another chance within the same academic year, ensuring they do not lose valuable time in pursuing their educational goals.”
As the admission season is currently underway, Er. Khan is acutely aware of the challenges students face during the admission season. He urged students to exercise utmost caution and diligence in selecting their colleges.
He further advised students to visit campuses to evaluate infrastructure, support services, and the overall environment. “Financial considerations should also be carefully assessed,” he said.

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