IHRO, Pune Adventures explore Wular Lake

Call for its development, say it has potential to uplift local community

BANDIPORA: The International Human Rights Organization, in collaboration with Indian Adventures, Pune, organizes a tour for Pune-based tourists to Wular Lake with the aim of exploring it. Kashmir’s Wular Lake, one of South Asia’s largest freshwater lakes, is located near Bandipora town in north Kashmir and is a famous tourist spot.
Pune-based tourists have been taken to Zaina Lankh in a shikra ride to explore the lake, said Altaf Bhat, Zonal Co-ordinator of Indian Adventures, Pune.
He said the government must pay enough attention to this lake, which would benefit the local populace in the area. “The lake is rich in terms of various natural resources and biodiversity. It has the potential to change the socio-economic status of people in the region,” he said.
Bhat said the main aim of organizing this tour for the group of Pune tourists was to bring the government’s attention to this neglected historical place called Zaina Lankh, which is in the middle of Wular Lake.
“Despite being one of the largest lakes in Asia, it has remained neglected for years by different governments. We are thankful to the district administration Bandipora who are on their toes to promote this world-famous tourist destination,” Altaf said.
Tourists from Pune expressed their happiness with the beauty of Wular Lake but also highlighted the lack of development around it. They urged the administration to focus on developing the lake’s surroundings so it can become a source of income for the residents.
Bindia Pardeshi, Founder of Indian Adventures, Pune, Altaf Bhat, Zonal Co-ordinator, IHRO, M. Yakub, Press Incharge, IHRO, Moulana Imtiyaz Ahmad, Organizer IHRO were also part of the tour.

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