PAMPORE: In a commendable effort, the Tehsil Administration Pampore, successfully rescued a cancer patient from Gujjar Basti Mundakpal village of Pampore Tehsil during heavy snowfall on Sunday morning.
Tehsildar Pampore received a distress call from the Chowkidar Shar Shali Ferooz Ahmad and family members and requested for urgent rescue and medical evacuation of a female cancer patient from Naim Sahab Gujjar Basti village of Pampore Tehsil.
Due to heavy snowfall, roads completely blocked and very slippery, Tehsildar Pampore Malik Asif Ahmad immediately responding to a distress call from the family and Chowkidar Shar Shali village Ferooz Ahmad, they facilitated the timely evacuation of a critically ill woman to Srinagar hospital. “On Sunday morning, I received a phone call informing me about a cancer patient, Hamida Banu, in Gajjar Basti Mundakpal area of Pampore Tehsil,” Chowkidar Ferooz Ahmad told Kashmir Reader. “Due to heavy snowfall, the patient faced difficulties going to the hospital. When we informed Tehsildar Pampore Malik Asif Ahmad, he immediately sent a men and machine in the village.”
Tehsildar Pampore said that on Sunday morning, a distress call was received regarding a cancer patient in Mundakpal Gujjar Basti needing to be transported to Srinagar hospital due to heavy snowfall causing road blockages. “We immediately dispatched the mechanical division, PMYGS, and R&B team to the location. They cleared the area, facilitating the shift of the patient to Srinagar hospital,” he said.
“I then received information from my team, who were already present at the location and had reached there earlier and helped the patient. The patient was eventually transported to the hospital on time, and their treatment was carried out successfully. This is part of our service, and we will always strive to address any genuine problems faced by the public in the Tehsil Pampore,” he added.
The family and locals of the village expressed heartfelt gratitude towards Tehsildar Pampore and the rest of the team for their prompt action and invaluable assistance.

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