Migrant Substitute Teachers seek ‘justice’ for 36 years of service

BANDIPORA: Migrant Substitute Teachers, appointed in 1990/91 to stabilize the education system post the migration of the Kashmiri Pandit community, are still awaiting justice for their dedicated 36 years of service.
Despite reaching out to dignitaries, including Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha and Administrative Secretary Piyush Singla, they said their legitimate demands remain unfulfilled.
Pir Nisar Ahmad, Senior Trade Union Leader and Chief Spokesperson of Jammu and Kashmir Employees Coordination Committee (JKECC), highlighted the challenges faced by these committed teachers in a recent press statement.
He said the government’s 2006 decision to regularize services created a stark disparity between FAT Teachers and Migrant Substitute Teachers, with the former receiving benefits dating back to 1990.
While FAT Teachers have progressed to various positions, including Masters, Headmasters, Lecturers, ZEOs, and Principals, Migrant Substitute Teachers remain in their initial roles without promotions or service benefits. Despite assurances from previous governments, promises of regularization from the date of appointment have not been honored.
Pir Nisar Ahmad revealed that representatives of Migrant Substitute Teachers have consistently approached authorities since 2006, facing empty promises and neglect. He made an urgent appeal to LG Manoj Sinha, Chief Secretary Attal Dilloo and Administrative Secretary Piyush Singla to intervene and address the long-pending service benefits for these teachers.
Recognizing the employee-friendly reputation of LG Sinha, Nisar expressed hope for justice to prevail, alleviating the mental stress faced by Migrant Substitute Teachers.

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