DGCA issues advisory to check GPS jamming & spoofing in airspace

New Delhi: In response to the escalating concerns over Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) interference in airspace, the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has issued a comprehensive advisory circular outlining the emerging threats of GNSS jamming and spoofing.
The circular aims to address the potential impact on both aircraft and ground-based systems, providing a practical roadmap for stakeholders to navigate this evolving challenge.
A senior DGCA official said that the circular, released in the wake of increasing reports of GNSS interference over Middle Eastern airspace, follows the establishment of an internal committee by the DGCA on October 4.
Since its formation, the committee has diligently assessed the situation, raised awareness among operators, and engaged in discussions with international experts to formulate effective strategies.
“The circular is based on recommendations of the committee for tackling the emerging threat considering the best practices, latest developments and ICAO guidance on the matter. The circular is applicable to all Aircraft operators and Air navigation service provider (ANSP) Airport Authority of India. It establishes roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder in monitoring and mitigating the threat in a coordinated manner in addition to highlighting the reporting obligations as per regulatory requirements,” said the official.
“Furthermore, the circular provides comprehensive mitigation measures and action plan for aircraft operators, pilots, ANSP and air traffic controllers which includes development of contingency procedures in coordination with equipment manufacturers, and assessing operational risk by conducting a safety risk assessment,” said the official.
“It also provides for a mechanism for ANSP to establish a Threat monitoring and Analysis network in close coordination with DGCA for preventive as well as reactive threat monitoring and analysis of reports of GNSS interference to generate valuable insights with data and new developments so as to have a robust and immediate threat response,” said the official.
“This circular, which comes at a time when aviation industry is grappling with uncertainties due to new threats and reports of GNSS jamming and spoofing, provides much needed guidance and clarity to all concerned with a practical roadmap and action plan to deal with the threat of GNSS interference in airspace in an effective manner,” the official added.

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