NIT Srinagar, NRF IIT Delhi organise workshop on popularizing INUP-i2i program

Srinagar: The Department of Physics, National Institute of Technology (NIT) in collaboration with NRF (Nanoscale Research Facility) IIT Delhi Monday organized a day-long workshop on popularizing the INUP-i2i program.
The inaugural session of the workshop was graced by the presence of Dean Faculty Welfare, Prof. G.A Harmain, who served as the Chief Guest, and Dean Research & Consultancy, Prof. (Dr.) M.F Wani, who assumed the role of Guest of Honor.
The event was attended by Chairman of the workshop, Prof. M. Ikram (HoD Physics), Convener Prof. Seemin Rubab, Coordinator Dr. Mohd Zubair Ansari, Prof. Babar Ahmad, Prof. Abid Bazaz, Dr. Amandeep Singh, Dr. Brajendra Sengar and other dignitaries.
During his keynote address, Prof. G.A. Harmain highlighted the focus of the workshop, emphasizing its emphasis on materials characterization and fabrication.
He said significant benefits can be derived from the active involvement of both students and faculty members in this initiative.
Prof. Harmain shared the sentiment that “If you tell me, I may forget; if you teach me, I may remember, and if you involve me, then I will learn,” expressing his belief in the workshop’s potential as a valuable learning experience for students.
Prof. Harmain also mentioned the existence of a faculty exchange program between IIT Delhi and NIT Srinagar, acknowledging the Physics department for spearheading this collaborative effort.
He extended gratitude to Director NIT, Prof. Sudhakar Yedla, for his unwavering support and encouragement for such programs on the campus.
Additionally, he commended Workshop Coordinator Zubair and the experts for their significant contributions to the workshop.
He said this program is multidisciplinary in nature, fostering innovation and promising mutual benefits for the faculty members of NIT Srinagar and IIT Delhi.
Prof. M.F Wani, Dean of Research & Consultancy said that the timeliness of workshops of this nature, stating that they are crucial in the present academic landscape. He encouraged IIT Delhi and NIT Srinagar to delve into additional avenues for research and experimentation.
Prof. Wani underscored the importance of both faculty and students utilizing the research facilities available at both institutions, namely IIT Delhi and NIT Srinagar.
He stressed that scholars and students should derive tangible benefits from these workshops, enabling them to leverage the latest research techniques and methodologies.
Prof. Neeraj Khare, from the Physics Department (IIT Delhi), explained that NUP-i2i conducts a range of training programs across all six Centers for Excellence in Nanoelectronics.
“These programs cater to potential users from across the country and cover topics such as nanofabrication, characterization, and simulation techniques. Researchers, including faculty members, students pursuing M.Tech and Ph.D. degrees, as well as scientists and engineers from academic and research institutions, undergo training at three distinct proficiency levels,” he said.
Head Physics NIT Srinagar, Prof. M. Ikram said the workshop’s primary objective is to raise awareness about the INUP i2i program and equip faculty members with the knowledge and skills required to effectively utilize the NRF facilities at IIT Delhi.
“The workshop aims to facilitate visits to IIT Delhi under the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). I expressed my gratitude to Director NIT Srinagar Prof. Yedla and experts from IIT Delhi for attending the workshop,” he said.
Prof. Babar Ahmad (Mechanical Engineering) said these workshops provide an invaluable platform for fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among faculty members.
He said such initiatives are instrumental in advancing research and education, promoting a culture of continuous learning and innovation within academic institutions.
Earlier, the workshop introduction was eloquently delivered by Dr. Mohd Zubair Ansari, who highlighted the significance of this program as a catalyst for academic growth and the exchange of expertise among participants.
He said the workshop’s role in bridging the gap between theory and practical application, makes it an essential component in the pursuit of cutting-edge research and advancements in the field.
The distinguished experts from IIT Delhi were honored with mementos as a token of appreciation and acknowledgment for their invaluable contributions during the event.
Expert talks from IIT Delhi were presented by Prof. Neeraj Khare, Prof. Prashant Mishra, and Dr. Amish Kumar Gautam. On the other hand, NIT Srinagar’s experts, including Dr. Zubair Ansari, Dr. Mohit, Dr. Brajesh Kumar Sengar, and Dr. AmanDeep Singh, delivered their insightful and informative expert lectures during the event.
A formal vote of thanks was presented by Prof. Abid Bazaz. He expressed deep gratitude to all the participants, organizers, and dignitaries who made the workshop a resounding success.
Prof. Bazaz extended his appreciation to the esteemed experts for sharing their knowledge and expertise, making the event intellectually enriching.
He expressed his thanks to the workshop’s coordinators, Dr. Mohd Zubair Ansari and Prof. Seemin Rubab, for their tireless efforts in orchestrating the workshop seamlessly. He acknowledged the support and encouragement provided by the Director NIT, Prof. Yedla, for such academic initiatives.

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