Ehtisham Khan seeks safety of school students, seeks intervention of CS, IGP Traffic

Srinagar: Er. Ehtisham Khan, Co-Founder & Sr. Vice President of The Purpose (Regd), a dedicated NGO committed to promoting social welfare, has appealed to the Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir, Dr. Arun Kumar Mehta, and Mr. Bhim Tuyi, Inspector General of Police for Traffic in Jammu and Kashmir to ensure safety and security of students.
In his appeal, Khan has addressed concerns regarding private cabs compromising the safety and security of school students in Srinagar and its adjoining areas.
In the appeal, Er. Ehtisham emphasizes the critical need for stricter regulations and oversight in the private cab industry, especially concerning transportation services for school students. He firmly believes that every child deserves a safe and secure journey to and from school, and the current situation poses a significant threat to their well-being.
The appeal includes extensive research and recommendations to effectively address these issues. Er. Ehtisham advocated for enhanced background checks, driver training and counseling, as well as regular vehicle maintenance to ensure the highest level of safety for students. He expressed optimism that the authorities will take this matter seriously and implement necessary reforms.
Er. Ehtisham emphasizes, “Our children’s safety is of paramount importance, and it is our collective responsibility to provide them with a secure environment while commuting to school. We are confident that the Worthy Chief Secretary and IGP Traffic will recognize the urgency of this matter and work towards a safer transportation system for our young learners. We remain committed to championing the cause of school student safety and will continue to engage with relevant stakeholders to bring about positive change in the transportation sector.”
The Purpose (Regd. NGO) hopes a positive response from the Chief Secretary and the Traffic Police Chief, hoping that the submission will pave the way for safer transportation for school students. “The NGO encourages concerned citizens, parents, and schools to support its mission for safer transportation for school students by voicing their concerns and joining the cause. Together, they can create a safer environment for the future leaders of the nation,” Ehtisham added.

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