Showkat Ali Stadium hosts grand finale of Women’s Premier League Cricket Tournament

Srinagar: The Showkat Ali Stadium in Baramulla witnessed an electrifying atmosphere as the grand finale of the Women’s Premier League 2023 cricket tournament unfolded in a blaze of excitement. Adding a touch of prestige to this sporting extravaganza, the GOC, Dagger Division was in attendance.
Cricket enthusiasts from across the region flocked to the stadium, eager to witness the match. This event was a celebration of the indomitable spirit and unwavering talent displayed by the participating teams, PRO (Defence), Srinagar said in a statement.
The final match between Budgam CC &Baramulla Stars was a spectacle of skill, determination and sportsmanship. The participating teams showcased their prowess with stunning batting performances, precise bowling, and exceptional fielding. The thrilling contest had the spectators on the edge of their seats, as both teams fought valiantly to secure the championship title.
In a heart-pounding finish, Baramulla Stars emerged victorious, clinching the Women’s Premier League 2023 cricket championship in a tight contest. The runner-up, Budgam CC, demonstrated immense sportsmanship and displayed extraordinary cricketing talent throughout the match.
The Women’s Premier League 2023 cricket tournament at Showkat Ali Stadium marked a significant milestone in the journey of women’s cricket in this region. The marquee event being organised every year by the Indian Army provides a platform for female Cricketers to showcase their skills, inspire the youth and promote women’s participation in the sport. This grand final was a culmination of the dedication and hard work put in by the Indian Army, players, and the entire cricketing community. It served as a reminder of the potential and passion that girls from the Valley bring to the game of cricket.

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