Promote transparency & Integrity, Fight Corruption: Vigilance Awareness Week at KU

Srinagar: The University of Kashmir, in collaboration with the Anti-Corruption Bureau of the Government of J&K, is observing a Vigilance Awareness Week 2023 from October 30th to November 5th under the theme “Say no to corruption; commit to the Nation.”
The commencement of Vigilance Awareness Week was marked by a solemn Integrity Pledge taken by all officers, staff, and research scholars and students within the university. This pledge represents a collective commitment to fostering integrity and ethical conduct in both official capacities and personal lives.
Following the Integrity Pledge, a spirited rally was organized within the university campus, serving as a visible and vocal symbol of the institution’s dedication to the cause of combating corruption. This rally is not merely a show of strength but a manifestation of the collective will to root out the menace of corruption from all corners of society.
The Integrity Pledge ceremony was led by the Registrar of the University of Kashmir, Dr. Nisar Ahmad Mir. He underscored the commitment of the university’s administrative leadership to uphold the highest standards of ethics and integrity. He emphasized that corruption creates a vicious circle that affects the economy and society as a whole.
The event was organised by KU’s Departmental Vigilance Officer Ms. Asmat Kawoosa.
The dignitaries present were Dr. Majid Zaman, Controller Examinations, Dr Ashfaq Zarri Joint Registrar, Mr. Bashir A Hajji Director Finance, Dr Shazia HoD Social Work, Asmat Kawoosa, Joint Registrar and Vigilance Officer at the University of Kashmir, besides the other officer of University & ACB.
Aijaz Masood Bhat, Executive Engineer from the Anti-Corruption Bureau, shed light on the far-reaching consequences of corruption, touching upon its political, economic, environmental, and social impacts.
Riaz Ahmad Dar, Chief Prosecuting Officer from the Anti-Corruption Bureau, provided valuable insights into anti-corruption laws, reinforcing the importance of legal measures in the fight against corruption.
Ghulam Nabi Dar, Deputy Superintendent of Police at the Anti-Corruption Bureau, explained the operations and efforts undertaken by the ACB to combat corruption at various levels, leaving no room for any individual to evade the vigilant eyes of anti-corruption authorities.
Mr Tanvir Ahmad Inspector ACB gave the vote of thanks while as cultural officer Mr Shahid Ali Khan conducted the proceedings.

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