Khidmat Centre Association continues protest for 2nd day

Srinagar: The Khidmat Centre Association continued its protest on the second day here and highlighted its issues and concerns.
The representatives of Khidmat Centres affiliated with the J&K Khidmat Centre Association alleged severe deviation from established guidelines and the undue influence exerted by J&K Bank on the project’s direction.
“This deviation has resulted in the systemic redirection of the youth, originally engaged by J&K Bank in 2009, towards exclusive service provision for J&K Bank disregarding the core objectives set forth in the project’s guidelines,” they said.
They said the pressing challenges that forced them to go for the protest again are:
Voluminous BC Rollout: “The BC rollout is really a kind of axe on our livelihood. The 1209 Khidmat Centres in the assigned role of J&K Bank BCs, who have taken this responsibility from first thinking of the people who were deceived by the bank from time to time even after proper circulars and guidelines.”
Scraping of Transfer Policy Right to Legal Heirs: “We are being denied this fundamental right. This needs a deep level of introspection. We are being denied this sympathetic concession, which really vets a kind of total lawlessness.”
“The utmost need of the hour is to address the issue of Khidmat Centres on a permanent basis. After that, the bank has the freedom to implement these decisions. Till our issue is not resolved by J&K Bank on permanent lines, we will fight in the realms of war till victory,” the protesting representatives said

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