Relationship between US President Biden, PM Modi one of undeniable warmth, confidence’

New Delhi:The relationship between US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of “undeniable warmth and confidence”, sources on the American side said on Friday after a bilateral meeting between the two leaders.

The US president is very clear about the importance of the health of democracy, the sources said.

He doesn’t do this in such a way that suggests that one country is lecturing another but rather “we all face shared challenges”, the sources said.

They said there are a number of things in India that the US believes are quite strong and healthy and there are other issues on which it continues to have dialogue.

The sources said some high-tech topics such as space and microchips were discussed during the Biden-Modi meeting.

Biden and Modi exuded confidence that the outcomes of the G20 Summit will advance the shared goals of accelerating sustainable development, bolstering multilateral cooperation and building consensus around inclusive economic policies to address the greatest global challenges. PTI

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