Police Cracks Down on Notorious Drug Peddler, Seizes Illegally Acquired Property Worth Rs. 56 Lakh in Bandipora

Bandipora: In a groundbreaking operation, the Jammu and Kashmir Police in Bandipora have struck a major blow against the drug trade by seizing the illegally acquired assets of a notorious drug dealer in the district.

Officials said that the property of a notorious drug peddler, Khursheed Ahmad Waza, widely known as MANDELA was seized under the stringent Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act.

They said, a residential plot measuring 1 kanal 1.5 marlas, valued at a staggering rupees 44 lakh, along with two vehicles worth rupees 12 lakh, have been confiscated.

The seizure marks a significant milestone in the fight against drug peddling in Bandipora, as it represents the first instance of the police employing the NDPS Act to tackle the issue head-on.

According to officials, the seized assets were found to be proceeds from the sale of narcotic drugs.

Shockingly, it has come to light that the entire family of Khursheed Ahmad Waza, including some female members, have been implicated in drug peddling activities. Various members of the family have already been booked under different NDPS cases, with some recently securing bail while others remain behind bars.

“We are resolute in our mission to eradicate drug peddling from Bandipora,” stated a top police officer, who also revealed the involvement of the family members in the illicit trade.

This latest crackdown underscores the relentless efforts being made by the Bandipora Police to dismantle the drug network operating within the region.

The seizure of assets, combined with the apprehension and legal action against the entire family, sends a strong message to those involved in drug peddling in Bandipora.

The police are determined to root out this menace and ensure a safer and drug-free environment for the residents.

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