Adv Tasaduq Mir elected new General Secretary of Bar Association Pampore

Pampore: Advocate Tasaduq Farooq Mir was on Wednesday elected the new General Secretary of the Bar Association Pampore.
Bar Association Pampore under the Supervision of the Executive Committee headed by Mushtaq Ahmad Khanday, President Bar Association Pampore Ajaz Ahmad Khan and Bar Association Pampore members unanimously elected Advocate Tasaduq Farooq Mir as General Secretary.
The post of general Secretary of Bar Association Pampore was vacant for some time.
Mir on the occasion said he is thankful to all concerned for showing trust in him and that he will work for the betterment of the Bar and “curb all those things which were affecting the livelihood of advocates who work in a professional manner”.
All the office bearers and members of the Bar Association Pampore congratulated Advocate Mir for becoming General Secretary. He was also garlanded by the members on the occasion.

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