Property Tax Is People-Friendly

Property Tax Is People-Friendly

At last, the government decided to impose a tax on property in Jammu & Kashmir. Property tax is a kind of fee like a power tariff. Common people are afraid of it because they have the least knowledge about finances. They are not aware of the budget formation.

In developed countries, people pay taxes for each thing either directly or indirectly. They pay these taxes happily and feel happy that by this way they support the government and have achieved the tag of prosperous countries. The government alone cannot make a nation develop unless its people support it in one way or the other.

Here in India, people in many states are paying taxes to the government and it is visible on the ground that these states are more progressive than ours. Paying tax also implies that we have a responsibility in making the country progressive and when one pays tax he or she finds a place where there is development all around. The government alone cannot go ahead unless we support it.

The Lieutenant Governor has made it clear that the amount collected from receiving property taxes will be spent on development works, which means the amount collected will be received back by the people that too in a progressive way. This is a good step taken by the government and it is for the welfare of the common people. Is not it a fact that when we have to decide the pay of an imam of a mosque there is a hue and cry as somebody suggests Rs 5,000 while another one suggests Rs 6,000 and when it is announced that a person above the age of twelve years has to pay Rs 100 per month, people become furious. Even one commented it is a huge amount and cannot be paid easily but they are not becoming furious when one’s child spends Rs 100 per day on purchasing different junk food items that are harmful to health. In all families, it is not the topic of discussion how much children of that family spend in a day but when the government decides that people have to pay property tax, there is a hue and cry.

Author is In-charge Record Room DC Office Anantnag

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