A Proud Moment for South African cricket

Every cricket lover is aware of the great ability and brilliance of South African Cricket at the International level. South African cricket has created numerous great players who are known throughout the whole world for their matchless performances. Jonty Rhodes was like the Ronaldo of cricket. His brilliance and wittiness in fielding are still memorable and have inspired many great players in international cricket. Who does not know about the skillful and gorgeous batting styles of AB de Villiers and Hashim Amla and the matchless bowling performances of Dale Steyn and Imran Tahir? South African cricket team achieved great feats in world cricket with the help of the above-mentioned and the other great players in their teams. They have always maintained themselves among the top teams in international cricket.

However, in spite of all these achievements and successes the South African senior men’s cricket team has never been able to reach the world cup final in any format let alone winning one. But their women’s team which was criticised by many for its selection has created history by beating England in a dramatic last-over contest. Many people in South Africa particularly criticised the selection of the team which they believed was ” faulty.” But the players have proved their mantle by playing like a champion team. The proteas are now all set to face Australia in their first ever world cup cricket contest in their history.

Shabnim Ismail’s last over was a memorable one in which she conceded only 7 runs, which is, no doubt, a great achievement.

England needed 13 but they fell six runs short in the final over.

The Proteas women’s cricket team has proved that women can achieve anything in this world provided they are provided the proper chance. They have also proved that it is, in fact, brilliant and united team work that makes success achievable for any team. More than individual performances a wholehearted and united team performance is the real assurance of success for any team or any other group of any kind whatsoever, in this world. Those who have the courage and the real strength are the ones who create history in this world, become memorable, and are portrayed on the pages of world history forever. Those who believe in their own potential and ability are the ones who can defeat any criticism against them and prove their critics wrong through their daring approach. That is also how games and sports teach us important lessons which we may relate and recreate in our lives to achieve great feats in other fields too in this world.

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