Anjuman pays tribute to Mirwaiz Rasool Shah (RA)

Says he lit the lamp of education in Kashmir

Srinagar: Anjuman Nusrat-ul-Islam, one of the valley’s oldest schools, on Thursday paid glowing tribute to its founder, a great religious scholar & spiritual leader, and a reformer of the nation Mirwaiz Allama Rasool Shah (RA) on the occasion of his 114th passing away anniversary.
Paying tribute to Allama Rasool Shah (RA) for his invaluable religious, academic, reformatory, da’wah and social services to the nation, the Anjuman in a statement said the remarkable and valuable services rendered by the late Mirwaiz to bring the Kashmiri people out of ignorance, poverty and darkness is a very bright chapter in the contemporary history of Kashmir.
By founding the Anjuman Nusrat-ul-Islam in 1890, Mirwaiz Rasool Shah (RA) lit the lamp of education in the darkness and started the jihad against ignorance in Kashmir, the wonderful results of which we are witnessing today.
Therefore, the achievements of Mirwaiz Rasool Shah (RA) regarding the establishment of the Anjuman Nusrat-ul-Islam in the year 1905 and through it starting the educational awareness campaign of the people of Kashmir are very praiseworthy and deserve to be written in golden letters in the history of Kashmir.
Like in the past, the Anjuman said, it is busy educating the children from the poor and backward sections of society by equipping them with the jewel of education.
“Due to the winter vacation and the three-and-a-half year detention of the Anjuman Nusrat-ul-Islam president Mirwaiz-e-Kashmir Dr Moulvi Muhammad Umar Farooq, it was not possible to hold the commemoration ceremony in the institutions of the Anjuman, the statement said, adding that after the vacation is over, a special ceremony will be organised in memory of Mirwaiz Allama Rasool Shah (RA), In Sha Allah,” the Anjuman said.


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