The government has to take more effective measures to eradicate poverty

Poverty is such a painful condition where the person is helpless for everything. He is unable to get the three essential things of the world – food, clothing and shelter. Even after working as a labourer for the whole day, he does not get enough food. He doesn’t have a roof to protect himself and his family members from the scorching heat of the sun and heavy rain. In winter, they do not even have clothes to cover their bodies. Poor families are unable to provide education to their children. Due to a lack of education, their mental development does not build. Amid not getting enough food, their physical development is not well. The increasing population of the country is the main reason for the dramatic increase in “poverty”. The government does not have many schemes for poor people.
Unemployment is increasing day by day in the country. However, in such a vast country with a huge population, it is obviously impossible for everyone to get a job. Small jobs are also disappearing nowadays. This unemployment gave rise to poverty. When natural calamities occur, the poor people get affected most because of their weak houses, lack of equipment and poor health conditions. However, there are some people who help them through NGOs to improve their condition. The condition of the people living below the poverty line is even more pathetic.
The government is trying its best to eradicate poverty, but still, a lot remains to be done. Poverty is a big obstacle to the progress of the country. No popular government has been successful in eradicating poverty. The government is providing free education, gas facility and many more but there are still thousands of things to be done.
Poor children often see children of rich families going to school, playing sports having fancy clothes, etc. But unfortunately, their life is not like this. Poverty and lack of money keep the poor family away from the very basic necessities of life. Studying in a good school remains a dream for poor children. Poor families are unable to buy books and toys for their children. They are unable to get good and nutritious food for their family. Poor families give birth to many children without thinking and also increase their own difficulties. In such a way, to earn a little bit at home, they put their children to work since childhood. Often small children are made to work in tea shops and industries. This gives rise to problems like child labour, stealing and many other illegal works that are literally deleterious for society.
Poverty has become very common in the country. A large part of the country’s population is helpless to live without clothes, food and shelter. Their pitiable condition is reflected in their eyes. No one respects them and they are despised everywhere.
Nobody wants to face the day of poverty, but due to lack of money, poor people are bound to face it. One can get some money by working hard day and night, but that too is not enough. The other reason for poverty is corruption and illiteracy prevailing in the country. Poor people are found on the slums and roadside like cattle.
To eradicate poverty, farmers should be given good facilities so that they can progress in agriculture. India is an agricultural country, yet farmers leave agriculture and migrate to cities. Free education (also in college and university) and training should be given to the poor so that they get employment opportunities. To reduce poverty, it is necessary to make the family aware of family planning. The fewer the members in the families, the lesser will be the problems.
In conclusion, I can sum up that poverty is a national problem. The government has to take more effective measures to eradicate poverty. The government has made many efforts to eradicate poverty but no significant result has come out. It is necessary to eradicate issues like a bad economy, corruption and lack of education prevailing in the country in time, only then we will be able to wipe the tears of the poor people and remove their helplessness. Such positive efforts will have to be made so that the poor also get equal opportunities, basic things and respect in society as others.

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