SKUAST’s Saffron Research Station Pampore works on Indoor corm production

PAMPORE: SKUAST-Kashmir’s Saffron Research Station at Dusso in Pampore area of South Kashmir’s Pulwama district is working on Corm production under controlled conditions.
Head of the Saffron Research Station, Dr Bashir Ahmad Allie told Kashmir Reader that they have been working on corm production under controlled conditions so that people from non-traditional areas can benefit from the technology.
He said that due to various climatic conditions and others reasons corm production is a challenge for the farmers.
He told Kashmir Reader that it was in this direction they were instructed by Vice Chancellor SKUAST-Kashmir Dr Nazir Ahmad Ganie to take this project in hand.
“Humid conditions during February and March rigger infections and corm rot,” he said.
He added that through this technology they will be able to produce corms indoors.
“We will guide farmers interested in producing indoor corms about temperature and light requirements,” he said, adding that the technology will help farmers in Kashmir and others areas which are interested in growing Saffron.
Allie told Kashmir Reader that they have been studying the impact of blue and red radiations on corm production.
“Corm production under controlled conditions requires temperature, humidity, moisture and light,” he said, adding the impact of all these factors on corm production under controlled conditions are under observation.
Corm production does occur in Kashmir.
“If any person from other parts of the country is interested in corm production under controlled conditions we will guide him on all these factors and their requirements,” he said.

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