Foundation stone of Darul Uloom Hanfia Kamaliya in Gund Sonamarg

Gund: The foundation stone laying ceremony of the Darul Uloom Kamaliya Gund Sonamarg was held on Sunday by Mian Altaf Ahmed Larvi Sajjada-Nasheen Zayaarat Baba Jee Sahib Larvi (RA) Wangath and Maulana Ajaz Ahmad Qadri president of Karwan-e-Islami Ganderbal the stone laying ceremony.
Speaking on the occasion, Mian Altaf Ahmed Larvi said that the religion of Islam had made education compulsory for both men and women.
Altaf said setting up Darul Uloom in the area this will go a long way in spreading the message of Islam not only in state but abroad also. He said with the aim of encouraging and promoting the Islamic religion and to enable youths to read and understand the Islamic religion as prescribed by the Almighty Allah.
He also said moral and Islamic education is a must to morally uplift the new generation..
Addressing the gathering Maulana Ajaz Ahmad Qadri urged the need for promoting the teachings of Sufi Saints who have always preached mutual brotherhood and a system based social justice.
Qadri commented that the darul Uloom Hanfia Kamaliya Gund would provide a blend of Islamic and modern education to the students, making them spiritually and intellectually capable personalities. The institution will focus on Sufism to promote culture of research in Islam.
Meanwhile the groundbreaking ceremony was attended by Haji Ghulam Qadir Akhoon, Molana Bashir Ahmad Nayami, Molana Mohammad Ashraf Nayami, and other islamic dignitaries.

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