Specially abled student wants to carry research on cancer, heart attacks

PAMPORE: A specially abled student from Pampore area of South Kashmir’s Pulwama district wishes to become a medical doctor to research on cancer and heart attacks in Jammu and Kashmir.
Muntazir Ganie,15, son of Nazir Ahmad Ganaie, a resident of Chandhara Pampore is a 5th grade student at Hanfia Lower Higher Secondary School Chandhara.
He wants to become a doctor to find a cure for cancer. Muntazir, who is doing well in studies, told Kashmir Reader that he is crippled and is unable to stand on his legs.
He moves with the help of a wheelchair.
He advised specially abled boys not to lose hope to excel in their life.
” Never take seriously what people say to discourage you,” he said, adding that specially abled students can do anything with their will power and goodwill.
He also appreciated his teachers for providing him with a good education.
Muntazir talking to Kashmir Reader on the sidelines of the Medical Assessment camp for special needs, organised by Chief Education Officer Pulwama under Samagra Shiksha in collaboration with ALIMCO held at government boys higher secondary school Pampore on Sunday.
District Education Planning Officer (DEPO) Pulwama Manzoor Ahmad congratulated parents and teachers of Muntazir for guiding him to realise his goal of becoming a doctor to research on cancer and heart attacks in Jammu and Kashmir.
Talking to Kashmir Reader Nazir Ahmad Ganie said that his son couldn’t attend school for three years due to a fracture. He said that Muntazir was born a special child.
The father thanked his teachers for helping and taking care of his child.
The father appealed to the administration and authorities of the social welfare department for providing him with a motorised tricycle so that he could attend his school without a helper.

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