Clear stranded trucks on highway within 24 hrs, CS orders

Clear stranded trucks on highway within 24 hrs, CS orders

Directs for submitting daily reports, involving fruit growers in traffic plan

NEW DELHI: In a marathon meeting held Sunday to take stock of traffic movement on Srinagar-Jammu National Highway, Chief Secretary Arun Kumar Mehta impressed upon the traffic authorities to clear stranded trucks within 24 hours and certify the same at the earliest.
The Chief Secretary directed the Traffic Department to formulate a viable plan for smooth movement of traffic on the highway in association with fruit growers. He asked them to ensure that the fruit-laden trucks leaving from valley reach their destinations without any undue delay.
Mehta asked traffic authorities to submit daily reports to his office about the travel time and number of vehicles reaching Jammu or Srinagar when leaving from either direction. He enjoined upon them to publish daily the number of vehicles stranded, including place and reasons thereof. He asked them to simultaneously inform the time required for restoration of normal traffic on the road.
Traffic management authorities were asked to augment manpower from all sources to regulate traffic efficiently. The CS stressed on enforcing lane discipline on the highway especially on critical stretches between Banihal and Ramban. He underscored the need of ensuring that no roadside parking is allowed except at designated parking spaces.
For seasonal migration, the Tribal Affairs Department and Deputy Commissioners were directed to facilitate the “Deras” in moving on the highway in trucks along with their family members and livestock.
The Divisional and traffic management authorities were further told to encourage the traffic to use Mughal Road, especially vehicles loaded with less perishable items. They were asked to augment manpower on the road to monitor and manage it effectively at places that are slide-prone and have less width.

The NHAI was directed to follow all timelines given by the Chief Secretary in his last meeting for clearance of muck from Cafteria Morh and Mehar. They were asked to improve the overall road surface besides blacktopping of potholed portion between Banihal and Ramban. They were also encouraged to complete the vital T-5 Tunnel and widening of Ramsoo- Rampari-Sherbibi stretch of the road for long-term solution of this recurring problem.




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