Religious fanaticism on upsurge, dangerous to country: Telangana CM

Hyderabad: Communal forces in the country and Telangana are trying to divide the society and spread hatred among people, Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao alleged on Saturday.
Addressing a gathering after unfurling the national flag on ‘Telangana Jateeya Samaikyata Dinotsavam’ (Telangana National Integration Day) here, Rao said if religious fanaticism grows, it will destroy the very life of the nation and result in deterioration of human relationships.
Noting that religious fanaticism was on the upsurge, Rao said, “They plant thorns in societal relations for their narrow interests. They are spreading hatred among people with their venomous comments. This kind of division between people is in no way justified.”
Rao’s comments came minutes after Union Home Minister Amit Shah hoisted the national flag at parade grounds marking the celebrations of Hyderabad Liberation Day’ elsewhere in the city.
The state government celebrated September 17 as Telangana Jateeya Samaikyata Dinotsavam (Telangana National Integration Day) while the Centre named it as Hyderabad Liberation Day’.
The Telangana government had on September 3 announced its decision to observe September 17 as Telangana National Integration Day. September 17 is the day erstwhile Hyderabad State under Nizam rule merged with the Indian Union in 1948.
Rao charged the ‘disruptive forces’ with distorting the occasion of September 17, which stands as a symbol of national unity, to fulfill their narrow and selfish political interests.
These forces which have no connection with the historical events of September 17 are trying to distort and pollute the bright history of Telangana with petty politics, he claimed.
“The Telangana society actively responds in the most intellectual way. The same activeness and intelligence should be shown again. The insidious efforts of these evil and corrupt forces, which are trying to sever the fabric of the nation, must be thwarted. I warn you once again that there is a danger that the society will be thrown into turmoil even if it is forgotten in a blink of an eye.”
Listing the achievements of Telangana after its formation in 2014, the CM said in the industrial sector, investments of to the tune of Rs 232,111 crore have come in the past eight years creating 16.50 lakh jobs.

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