SCERT observes Hindi Diwas; Speakers emphasizes learning of multiple languages

SRINAGAR: Speakers at the Hindi Divas celebratory function, organized by the State Council of Education Research and Training (SCERT), Wednesday, emphasized the importance of learning more languages in order to communicate with a wider audience.
Pertinently, Hindi Divas is observed on September 14 every year to celebrate its popularity and mark its adoption in the Devanagari script as one of the official languages of India.
“Languages provide the strongest connection to other cultures and foster love for their customs, beliefs, arts and history,” Dr Shabnam, Academic Officer, who heads the “Education in Languages” wing of the SCERT said. “Learning multiple languages, especially those of the country, is something that people should do because it will help them communicate with people from other States and travel more easily.”
Associate Professor, Fayaz Ahmad Fayaz, echoed Dr. Shabnam’s sentiments when he stated that learning the local language will make life easier. He cited an instance in which he got lost on a Delhi road because he couldn’t understand the bus’s signboard to illustrate the vastly increased reach that comes with learning new languages.
“We should learn Hindi with a more honest and open mindset because we live in India, where the bulk of population speaks Hindi,” Fayaz said. “Students should be encouraged to study Hindi because it is the country of India’s national language.”
Later, some members of the SCERT faculty arranged a panel discussion and talked about the importance of learning Hindi without associating it with a particular faith.
On this occasion, school children displayed vibrant activities encouraging the study of Hindi language.


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