Advance research Station Dusoo officials visited Saffron fields of Pampore, guide growers on sowing of corms

PAMPORE: Advanced research station for Saffron and seed spices, SKUAST-K Dusoo Pampore Pro Bashir Ahmad Allie along with Geo-scientist Abdul Majeed Bhat carried a detailed survey of Saffron fields in Pampore area of South Kashmir’s Pulwama district on Wednesday.
During their visit they provided on the site guidance to saffron growers on how to sow corms.
The two Scientists held face to face interaction with a number of saffron farmers.
The farmers were guided on the right way when sowing came and they also answered many queries raised by the farmers.
During the occasion they were accompanied by senior Scientist Mehraj Ud Din, Scientist Mir Ghulam Hassan, Progressive farmer Irshad Ahmad Dar and others.
Talking to Kashmir Reader Abdul Majeed Bhat, Geo Scientist, said that he is sharing his experience with farmers in Pampore area where he worked for 38 years.
” I worked in lignite deposits of Kashmir and I found that lignite acts as an oxygen trapping agent which means more oxygen intake which helps in nourishment of the plant,” he said, adding that stigma has to be strong.
He added that when they apply lignite as fertilizer it helps in building strong stigma.
” Lignite is a mineral fertilizer easily available in Kashmir and it can be used for saffron farming,” he said, adding that they are trying to help our farmers.
He told Kashmir Reader that they have talked about this new intake with Vice Chancellor SKUAST-Kashmir Nazir Ahmad Ganaie, Divisional Commissioner Kashmir PK Pole and other stakeholders to benefit Saffron Industry.
He said that they want to lead the industry and do the farming in a better way like Iran and Spain do.
“There will be no growth of saffron without water.
The water is to be retained for which lignite application is necessary,” he said.
Pro Bashir Ahmad Allie, head of Saffron Research station Dusoo Pampore told Kashmir Reader that they visited Chandhara Karewa to guide Saffron growers how to sow corms.
” We told them what operations they need to take from sowing to harvesting,” he said, that they were directed by higher authorities to guide farmers so that there is an increase in saffron production.
He added that they have adopted a Saffron grower, Abdul Rashid, who grows Saffron at Chandhara Karewa.
He was told how deep to plant the corms, when to plant and how to control weeds.
” The aim is to have maximum yield,” he said, adding that they want to increase corn production too.

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