Continuing extension education programme held at SKUAST-K

Srinagar: Under the continuous series of Extension lectures of Directorate of Extension, Dr. Kamal Taori, IAS (retd.) officer from International Institute of Holistic Research and Voluntary Action delivered an expert lecture on Evolving productive and sustainable new extension model at Conference Hall of Vice Chancellor Secretariat, SKUAST-Kashmir, Shalimar. He stressed block centric approach for agriculture and allied sector development using Mass Awareness & Awakening (MAA) and BAP (Block Adoption programme). He emphasized that the need of the hour is to provide marketing facilities to the area that have least market avenues. He further underlined the need for the involvement of people in the matters of implementation and monitoring development activities. He highlighted the that development rural business hubs are essential for tapping the potential of rural eco-system.
Vice-chancellor SKUAST-Kashmir Prof. Nazir A. Ganai while thanking Dr. Kamal Taori for sharing his wonderful thoughts with the august audience highlighted the need to develop scientific branding of agricultural commodities from J&K including need for labelling of their nutraceutical properties while marketing. Prof. J.P. Sharma, Vice-chancellor SKUAST-Jammu congratulated Vice-chancellor SKUAST-Kashmir and the Director Extension SKUAST-Kashmir for taking an initiative to conduct such fruitful lecture series in which eminent expert of national and international repute are asked to share their viewpoint. He underlined the need to conserve and promote the bio-diversity of Himalayan states including J&K.
Earlier director Extension Prof Dil Mohammad Makdoomi, intdocing the heads of KVKs Lauded their role in working on mandated models by ICAR with emphasis on local needs.The nation has formulated the team of working on diversification of crop. He said our client is onethe farmer, our goal is to help the one and govt is very much inclined th help out the client that is farmer.So all by of us must put integrated efforts to work for the benefit of this common client


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