What Shall I Call You?

What Shall I Call You?

What shall I call you my dears?
You are beautiful and fragrant flowers
Your fragrance I smell,
everywhere I go
You are bright stars in the sky I see,
Twinkling at dark nights, gladdening me.
You are beautiful birds, with sweet voice like of a canary,
Utterly captivating! Every time, my grieved heart yearns to listen to thee.
You are the brooks, attractively chattering, when you chortle
Though I am vexed, I laugh as well.
You are glow worms that at nights glow
Seeing you, I feel exhilarated and childishly follow
You are the healthy seeds, you will grow fruitfully
When you are nourished in the favourable environment but wisely
You are the diamond, precious and rare
Lest you should loss such qualities,
I must take care.

[The poem is written for pre-nursery students (little angels of the writer’s school)]

—The writer is a teacher at Hill Park International School, Handwara. [email protected]


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