NGO holds award function along with Kashmiri department, Women’s College, M.A Road

SRINAGAR: Aab E Rawan an NGO on Monday organised the “Sheikh-ul Alam Conference (Almadar Awards)” in collaboration with the Kashmiri department, Women’s College, M.A Road Sgr.
The main aim of the event was to throw light on the life and literature of Hazrat Sheikh Noor-ud-din Noorani (RA). During the event, the literary work of Hazrat Sheikh Ul Alam (r.a.) was explained in detail by great dignitaries of Kashmiri literature such as Professor Bashar Bashir, Professor GN Khaki, Dr. Ghulam Nabi Haleem, Mr Satish Vimal, & Dr Nusrat Iqbal. The event’s chief guest was Dr. Ruhi Jan Kanth (Principal Women’s college), & the Guest of honour was Professor Shad Ramzan Sahib.
The dignitaries who have contributed to the research on the work of Hazrat Sheikh Ul Aalam (RA) and contributed immensely in Kashmiri literature, were felicitated with the “Alamdar e Kashmir” award.
The event was hosted by Musadiq Alam and the team members of Aab e Rawan ( Muneeb Masoodi, Rauf Manzoor Zargar, Syed Khalid Bukhari, Tooba Khursheed, Peer Saima & Junaid) played a major role in making this event a success.
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