Don’t Worry: Trust the almighty and live without fear or worry. Whatever tomorrow brings, it will bring the best, In-sha’Allah

Don’t Worry: Trust the almighty and live without fear or worry. Whatever tomorrow brings, it will bring the best, In-sha’Allah

Mahfooz Ahmad Bakshi

Today we are worried about tomorrow, and tomorrow we will be worried about the day after. We always fear about the future, so we never let ourselves be contented with the present. Then we roam around looking for priests, molvis, etc, to check if someone has stolen our happiness with the help of black magic. As a result, some priests and molvis take advantage of our misunderstandings and we bless their pockets.
Nobody is using black magic on us but we ourselves have stirred the fear within us, by giving space to worries, anxiety, over-thinking, etc. Our hearts have only four chambers and when we fill all of them with worries, then obviously there will be no space for peace or joy. But if we really choose to be happy and wish to get happier by the day, then we should flesh out all the worries and let happiness occupy the space of our hearts.
All I want to say is that we should never ever worry about what tomorrow will bring. Live the moment and be ready for tomorrow. We don’t know what will be on our tables, but we do know that it’s better to eat anything on the table than die of starvation. It’s better to face challenges than to lose hope and give up, because we all know that after accomplishing every challenge there is a reward, but we also know that after giving up, there is no reward. Have faith in the Almighty. He has planned everything and indeed, every single thing will be done according to his plan, no matter what. He is the best planner, and he doesn’t want you to lose hope and fear. Trust the almighty and live without fear or worry. Whatever tomorrow brings, it will bring the best. Inshallah.
Tomorrow you might face chaos but if you keep faith in the Almighty, then you will understand that Allah (swt) examines his loved ones in many ways. Enjoy the time you are living in, look deep into life, it is beautiful but often misunderstood!
Happiness is everywhere but the “fear of results” has blinded us; that’s why we remain sad every time. Staying happy doesn’t mean having a gorgeous house, a Lamborghini car or a private jet. Staying happy means being fearless and free, in a nutshell. Peace of mind and calmness of heart is the real happiness. When we fear the consequences, then we won’t even dare to make a move, and when we don’t move, how can we expect movement? No one will bring you the food in your room forever. You have to be ready to take on challenges, face criticism, fight and win. To win, all you need to do is fight, and to fight all you need to do is to stop worrying about losing.
Suppose that tomorrow will bring tragedy for you but you don’t even know that. After tomorrow you may get the whole package of happiness, but if you let tomorrow’s tragedy kill you, then obviously you will lose the package.
What tomorrow will bring is the thought that stops everyone from achieving. If we take it positively then it is the thought that would play a key role in reaching the pinnacle of success. It’s all about mindset. You let your opponent win or you let them lose, it’s all about your mindset. Success is the mountain and everyone wants to climb it but you know why few people climb it is because they are not tied up or they have not attached a heavy weight to their legs. People like me never even take a step forward because we have put so much weight on our shoulders. The weight of fear, weight of worry, weight of pressure, weight of tensions and weight of depression are heaviest weights in the world, which unfortunately is on my and on the shoulders of people like me.
Most extroverts turn into introverts and it’s one of the consequences of worrying about the future. Some even die because of the tension of the future and some attempt suicide due to stress and depression caused by worrying about future or results. More than 700, 000 people die due to suicide every year. Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death among 15-29-year-olds. Win or lose is a part of life. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, so there is nothing to worry about. Dear depressed people, I’m telling you that you have to go through hell. You have to face a lot and you have to win. Get out of your room and work for yourself, work for your future, don’t let anxiety even look at you, turn your back to negativity and trust Allah, he is the only one who can give you a helping hand and bring you out of the hellfire. Cut off ties from those who discourage you and attach yourself to those who encourage you. Stay motivated and achieve what you wish to achieve. May you reach the pinnacle of success.

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