Not all feminists are good

Not all feminists are good

Feminism is a belief that stresses on fair treatment of all the sexes. Fair to mention that it has been widely supported and meters-long processions have been taken out in favour of it. That said, many among the masses often launch an offensive against the very idea of feminism and seem utterly dissatisfied with it.
In this short piece, I shall try to put forth my views about what the good feminists do, and what the bad feminists often fall into.

What the good feminists do:
Suppose a girl is groped. The good feminists raise their voices against the abuser. Suppose there is unfair distribution of payment among men and women. Raising a voice against this is what good feminists do. Suppose a girl is stopped from wearing what she would like to. Raising a voice against the authority that imposes the Gospel of what-to-wear and what-not-to-wear is what good feminists do.

What the bad feminists do:
Using feminism to create divisions in society and encouraging obscenity is what bad feminists do. Suppose an incident of domestic violence occurs. What the bad feminists do is adopt a hysterical approach and blame the whole gender that the perpetrator of the violence belongs to. As a result, there arises a huge debate on the suffering of women at the hands of men, and on the opposite side, on the sufferings of men at the hands of women: each blaming the other.
A case in point:
The other day I was hearing a couple engaged in a brawl. One was saying that most men were toxic. Men dominated and saw women as merely objects to take pleasure in. The other held a contrary view: that most women were toxic to men. The arguments were loud enough to bring the dead back to life. But what was the point? Did it provide any solution? Endless frustrations and arguments and useless debates are the repercussions of having understood the concept of feminism only at a shallow level.

There are good feminists, and there are bad feminists, too.

Way forward:
If we want equality of opportunities among all sexes, we need to be able to distinguish the bad feminists from the good feminists.

It’s not a gender to be blamed, but a person. Not all are the same. If we keep on launching an offensive against a gender, we will have to bear with a counter-offensive as well.

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