International Cooperative Day Celebrated in IIKST Dusoo Pampore

PAMPORE: The Pampore Saffron growers Cooperative Society, organized a workshop to celebrate the International day of Cooperative at India International Kashmir Saffron Trade Centre ( IIKSTC ) Dusoo Pampore area of south Kashmir’s Pulwama district.
Scores of participants mostly belonging to the Cooperative society attended the function in which senior functionaries of the cooperative society Pampore.
The International Co-operative Day is celebrated on the first Saturday of July every year.
Ali Jan Qadri, Chairman, the Pampore Saffron Growers’ Cooperative Society Limited along with Office bearers of the Cooperatives were present.
Environmental lawyer Nadeem Qadri, Ashraf Wani, CEO, Maraaz Farmers Producers’ Organization and Idrees ul Haq Beigh, Co-Founder, Youth Innovation Centre, YPJK were the Speakers on the occasion.
They highlighted various issues faced by saffron growers.
A number of farmers from dozen villages of Pampore areas also present on the occasion.
“Today is International Cooperatives day which is celebrated throughout the world on July 2,” Nadeem Qadri told Kashmir Reader, adding that it was in 1958 his grandfather Ghulam Geelani Qadri laid the foundation of Pampore Saffron Cooperative society.
He said that on this day they thought of reviving society.
He said that he invited members from 25 villages to the Indian International Kashmiris Saffron Trade Center at Dusoo Pampore.
He told Kashmir Reader that he informed growers about saffron act 2007 and bylaws of their society.
” We discussed how we can promote saffron on an international, national and local level,” he said.
He said that around 100 growers of Pampore villages participated in the programme.


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