Langer hits out at politics in Cricket Australia

Perth: Former Australia coach Justin Langer has slammed the politics in the national cricket board as he opened up on his messy departure from the top job, specifically hitting out at interim chairman Richard Freudenstein.
In February, the 51-year-old stepped down as the senior men’s team coach after rejecting a six-month contract extension, having hoped for a multi-year deal after overseeing a successful T20 World Cup campaign and an Ashes triumph.
The day after quitting his job, Langer had a heated conversation with Freudenstein.
Several Australian legends, including Mark Waugh, Adam Gilchrist, Ricky Ponting, Steve Waugh, Matthew Hayden and the late Shane Warne, came to their former teammate’s defence and questioned Cricket Australia (CA) for the treatment meted out to Langer.
“The first thing he (Freudenstein) said to me was, ‘It must make you feel so good that all your mates are supporting you in the media,'” Langer told a Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA event in Perth.
“I said, ‘Yeah it is, acting chairman, but with all due respect, those mates are also the all-time greats of Australian cricket. They are the fabric of Australian cricket. They are Australian cricket. They also work all around the world in cricket.
“So yeah, I’m glad my mates are looking after me. Imagine if you had have’.
“Ironically, the last six months of my coaching career were the most enjoyable period of 12 years of coaching. Not only did we win everything, but I had energy, and I had focus, and I was happy – besides the bull**** politics.”
The former Australia opener also clarified he had never spoken to anyone about taking the England coaching job after the sacking of Chris Silverwood.
Langer’s departure coincided with the sacking of Silverwood, and the Australian’s name was immediately linked to the England coaching position.
The former Australia opener also said he had never spoken to anyone about taking the England coaching job after the sacking of Chris Silverwood.
“I’ve never spoken to English cricket,” Langer said.
“Former England captain) Andrew Strauss rang me the day after I resigned… but I have known Andrew Strauss for a long time and that was 14 weeks ago.
“(Apart from that) I’ve never spoken to English cricket.
“The thought of coaching England mate (shakes his head).

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