Hindu Mahasabha organises puja on birth anniversary of Godse

Meerut (UP): The Hindu Mahasabha organised a special puja at its office here on the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin Nathuram Godse on Thursday and demanded that Meerut in Uttar Pradesh be renamed after him.
Hindu Mahasabha state spokesperson Abhishek Agarwal said activists of the outfit assembled at its office on Sharda Road to mark Godse’s birth anniversary and took a pledge to eradicate “anti-Hindu Gandhiwad”.
He also claimed that India will soon become a “Hindu rashtra”.
Citing Godse and his family’s close ties with Meerut, the outfit demanded that the city be renamed as Nathuram Godse Nagar.
Agarwal said that an open letter has been sent to the central government for the renaming of Meerut.
He said Nathuram Godse’s brother Gopal Godse had contested the 1989 Lok Sabha election from Meerut.
On the occasion, Agarwal also alleged that mosques were built after demolition of Hindu temples and demanded that excavation be carried out at two large mosques in Meerut to look for remnants of temples.
“Wherever there is an excavation, ‘Mahadev’ (Lord Shiva) will appear,” he claimed.
His remarks came days after the claimed discovery of a Shivling in Varanasi’s Gyanvapi mosque complex.
Earlier this week, Hindu lawyers had claimed that a structure found in the ‘wazookhana’ reservoir at the mosque during a court-ordered survey was a Shivling.
The mosque committee members disputed the claim, saying the structure was part of the fountain mechanism at the ‘wazookhana’, where people perform ritual ablutions before offering namaz.

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