Tanishq organizes an exclusive event for their customers in Srinagar

Celebrating the splendor of the holy month of Ramzan

Srinagar: Tanishq India’s largest jewellery retail brand from the house of Tata held a memorable evening for its customers on the occasion of celebrating the holy month of Ramzan at Taj Vivanta, Srinagar.
This exclusive event was an enjoyable evening for the customers with an engaging session on diamonds and Diamond promises by Tanishq. The event was followed by Iftaar and dinner.
Customers were spoilt for choice with jewellery pieces from the best Diamond collections this season from Tanishq. Diamond jewellery pieces are the perfect addition to every woman’sjewellery trousseau box. Tanishq has a set of guidelines and principles, known as the ‘Tanishq Diamond Promises’, which they abide by. The company has pledged to keep 6 sparkling precious promises that it has made to its consumers-
1. There are some diamonds that you might get stuck with, not a Tanishq diamond
2.Sometimes you don’t get the diamonds you paid for. Never at Tanishq
3. Some diamonds are not as real as they seem. But a Tanishq diamond is
4. Even the brightest diamonds can have a dark past. Thankfully, ours don’t
5. Sometimes you don’t get the diamonds you paid for. Never at Tanishq
6.Some diamonds are not worth their weight. Unlike a Tanishq diamond
Bearing the hallmark of Titan and the assurance of the TATA group, Tanishq has always been at the fore-front of offering the purest jewellery. Tanishq believes in complete transparency in each of their transactions and hence in doing so they have garnered millions of loyal customers across the country continuing to stay the best jewellery brand in the country. Tanishq offers jewellery in both gold and gem-set (22 and 18 karat gold) with over 5000 traditional, western and fusion looks.
About Tanishq
Tanishq, India’s most-loved jewellery brand from the TATA Group, has been synonymous with superior craftsmanship, exclusive designs and guaranteed product quality for over two decades. It has built for itself the envious reputation of being the only jewellery brand in the country that strives to understand the Indian woman and provide her with jewellery that meets her traditional and contemporary aspirations and desires. The Tanishq retail chain currently spreads across 360+ exclusive boutiques in more than 200 cities.

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