Spring Saga

Spring Saga

Winter is dead. Spring killed it by a kiss of sizzling sunshine. A season of colourful flowers, butterflies, singing birds, and honeybees has claimed the throne. A blossom has stormed the land. The trees are celebrating their re-birth. The frozen water has melted with the affection of the sun. The tulips woke up after a long spell of deadly sleep. All souls are infused with a fresh aroma. A sense of optimism fills the air. The magic of spring is all set to charm the hearts with its spread of multi-coloured flowers and lush meadows of green.
“She turned to the sunlight
And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbour:
‘Winter is dead’”
(By A.A. Milne in When We Were Very Young)
Spring is refurbishing itself blossom by blossom, flower by flower, dream by dream, hope by hope. The joys stand replenished. The birds dance on the breeze. We are in a moment of absolute blessing. The earth is drenched in the beauty of nature’s majesty. Spring is a metaphor for a beautiful blossom of all life.

‘Hazaar baar mera dard muskuraaegaa
Hazaar baar agar mausam-e-bahaar aayega’
(A thousand times my pain will smile,
If the spring arrives a thousand times)

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